Premix Coffee Tongkat Ali & Ginseng

Premix Coffee Tongkat Ali & Ginseng

Can be described as smooth and buttery. It’s a medium roast, which means that the actual note will not overpower the drinker. Everything about the blend is mild and aromatic. So light, and creamy with a distinctly nutty finish. It also features a sweet aftertaste that makes it a good coffee for the holidays or weekend, an optimal way to ease into your day with an uncommonly gentle yet delicious coffee


Non-Dairy Creamer, Sugar , Coffee Extract Powder , Tongkat Ali & Ginseng Extract


Net weight – 450g
Quantity – 30g x 15 sachets
Packing per carton – 20 pcs
Carton dimension – 590mm x 260mmx240mm
No of carton Per TEU* – 650 carton


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