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Since 2011, we have created our own coffee brand known as Akifcafe Coffee. As a coffee lover, we are dedicated to delivering top-quality coffee products to our clients around the region. We constantly source the best coffee beans around the world and innovate our technology to produce the best coffee products. Being the world’s most consumed beverage, coffee is infused in everyone’s life, and we are on a mission to contribute to the growth of the entire industry. With our deep knowledge and expertise in the coffee industry our team can definitely translate your required formula into mass production while complying with standard regulations, maintaining quality and consistency.

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Akifcafe Food Policy


We are committed to producing and supplying safe and dependable food while adhering to statutory and regulatory requirements in order to meet the needs of our customers. We will demonstrate this commitment by:

  • Developing, implementing, and maintaining good manufacturing practices, as well as adhering to the HACCP principles.
  • Continue to improve our processes and products in line with new developments in food technology.
  • Instill awareness and promote a Food Safety culture in the workforce.

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