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AKIFACFE COFFEE INDUSTRIES SDN BHD had established since 2011, we are fast growing, today, our company has become one of the leading beverages manufactures specialized in coffee products. Our brands “Akifcafe” are well recognized and you can easily find them in the most hypermarket, shopping centers, mini markets, and food & beverages outlets in Malaysia.

The aromatic recipes that come from 6 decades of experience and combine with modern production and packaging technologies. Our product assures you with safe and quality consumption. HALAL certified our products are safe for Muslim’s consumption. We are expanding into international markets; the respond is favourable and we have gained numerous strong footholds. AKIFCAFE served very good beverages indeed. For those coffee lovers, you have to try it. The taste, aroma and the quality are surely boosting your appetite.

Cap Badak Classic

Like a lot of great ideas, cap Badak Klasik started at a kitchen table. It was 1950 and we were hashing out the notion of opening an obsessively good coffee factory in pekan Ketereh, which needed one.

Today, we were adopted unique roasting, brewing and stirring techniques based on the traditional coffee of the first generation. The taste of each cup of coffee of the first generation. The taste of each cup of coffee was tailored exactly to the Asian palate. By mixing different coffee beans, coffee is mixed and blended, and a cup of aromatic and smooth traditional black coffee was born in Cap Badak Klasik.

The beverage is considered a must-try, specialty made for those coffee lovers.