Our Story

OUR STORY began in the 1950s. located in the town of Ketereh, my father only makes coffee as a daily hobby. He just fun at the kitchen table experimenting with the diversity of coffee, he does not think this hobby can be a source of livelihood to their families. Using a small pan for roasting process and frying coffee beans, as well as almost the whole process is traditionally, he was surprised from day that special coffee with a Cap Badak brand in conjunction with the name of the Cap Badak and retain the heritage tradition in honour of his spirit as eminent coffee entrepreneur.

Our aim is to provide a unique, delightful coffee experience with every cup! In order to succeed we have been developing coffee blends, beverages, recipes and packaging as well as brewing methods. Today, we adopted unique roasting, brewing and stirring techniques based on the traditional coffee of the first generation. By mixing different coffee beans, coffee is mixed and blended, and a cup of aromatic and smooth traditional black coffee was born in our products.

AKIFCAFE COFFEE INDUSTRIES SDN BHD has been established since 2011. We are fast growing, today, our company has become one of the leading beverage manufacturers specialized in coffee products. Our brands “Akifcafe” are well recognized, and you can easily find them in the most hypermarkets, shopping centers, mini markets and food & beverages outlets in Malaysia. The aromatic recipes that comes from 6 decades of experience and combine with modern production and packaging technologies. our product assures you with safe and quality consumption.

HALAL certified our products are safe for Muslim’s consumption. We are committed to maintain quality and food safety through international guidelines and standards.

Over the years we have built a strong presence throughout Malaysia. We are expanding into international markets; the response is favourable and we have gained numerous strong footholds.